Aaron Lim

Aaron Lim began dancing in 2007 as a hobby with a group of local break-dancers. This led him to co-found Darwin’s premier B Boy crew the D*City Rockers in 2010. With Tracks, he has performed in 4 major seasons, choreographed, taught, participated in the Choreographic Development Program, utilised the Studio Residency Program and worked in Lajamanu on Milpirri 2016. Through his work with Tracks Aaron developed a strong creative relationship with choreographer Nick Power, which continues to this day. Now with an engineering degree under his belt, Aaron has decided to make dance his career; this has included international travel, a Cambodian exchange, and interstate work.

“Tracks has given me great opportunities that has let life take me on this path. 10 years ago I would never have thought to be in the position I am in now, and the only reason I can now make dance my full time career is because of the opportunities Tracks has given me to make the right choice.”

Tracks works Aaron has been involved in:

2008 Struck
2010 The Cook The Queen and The Kelly
2011 Collision - Choreographic Program
2013 Zombies in the Banyan Tree
2014 Dance in Cool Spaces
2015 Studio Residency
2015 Mentored teaching program
2016 Make A Dance In A Week
2016 Milpirri
2016 Landed
2016 Tracks Mentored Emerging Artist
2017 Man Made