Audience Responses

"Making dance that speaks directly to the here and now for the people of Darwin isn’t just an artistic goal for Tracks, but also one to ensure it can build and maintain essential community ties. That source of inspiration is particularly clear in Track’s latest work, Man Made..." Man Made, 2017

“It’s great to see contemporary dance alive and well in the Territory! Fresh Tracks gave a strong sense of the work the company is doing across the year, and  the positive effect it has on local dancers and makers – fostering talent and encouraging development.” Fresh Tracks, 2017

"My face is hurting from smiling and I miss my grandparents terribly now!" Caravan, 2017

“A captivating experience that made me feel thoroughly connected to the land and the performers within the show.” Landed, 2016

"A rare peek behind studio doors, the 2016 Tracks Dance Choreographic program showing DIRT allowed audience to glimpse the first steps of a new generation of Darwin Dance makers, from all walks of life." Choreographic Program, 2016

"The most popular item was the GP [Grey Panthers] performance and all had positive thoughts regarding it... hope to see it again next year." Grey Panthers, 2016

“Last Light was absolutely stunning. What a special and truly peaceful production.” Last Light, 2015

“I was so inspired by the diversity... The energy each performance had was so enduring and provoked me to seeing this art form in a new way… I left this year’s showing feeling so inspired by the ways you can create movement.” Choreographic Program, 2015

"I was dragged kicking and screaming to my first Tracks show and now I can’t wait to see the next one. Always a surprise and always great." You Dance Funny, 2014

“I was happy to be part of a shared cultural experience. It was great to have the whole community come together for the event.” Milpirri (Jarda Warnpa), 2014

“I loved seeing the artistry in the group, and the range of styles, your openness to trying new things and willingness to explore. It is great for younger people to see this, that you can be like this.” Future Age, 2013

"8 to 80 was an amazing performance that truly highlighted the the beauty of ones life spanned. Tracks Dance and the amazing dancers were able to illustrate the joy of dance throughout the various physical ages seamlessly." 8 to 80, 2012

"I saw a lot of proud people. Tears of joy. It was really emotional, that is what Milpirri is for us, really emotional, and we feel that every time." Milpirri (Pulyaranyi), 2012

"I loved the theme of family stories and the passion and imperfections of the human form. I loved the variety of dance, the choreography, the humour and the resonance of the performance with Darwin and its people." The Cook, the Queen and the Kelly, 2010