The Colour Groups

In the first Milpirri (2005) the allocation of four colours were given to the sixteen Warlpirri skin names allowing a visible way of showing kinship relationships. Red (Jupurrula, Jakamarra, Napurrula, Nakamarra), Yellow (Japaljarri, Jungarrayi, Napaljarri, Nungarrayi), Green (Japangardi, Japanangka, Napangardi, Napanangka) and Blue (Jangala, Jampijinpa, Nangala, Nampijinpa). The colour groups are seen in the banners and the Milpirri performers are dressed in one of the four colours in accordance to their kinship relationship, along with their corresponding coloured wristbands.

In Lajamanu School assemblies the students are sat in their colour groups and their school shirts, worn by staff and students are in the four colours. It begun as a way to illustrate how we are connected, a visible sense of belonging and now the colour system has become commonplace within the Lajamanu Community.