Grey Panthers 1998


The Panthers began 1998 with regular weekly workshops and then performed at the launch of Ausdance Dance Week in Raintree Park, doing their line dance 'Achy Breaky Heart' from Healthy Wealthy and Wise.

Part way through the year Sarah Calver moved to be independent from Tracks. In this move the Grey Panthers also became independent from Tracks. Tracks still maintained support and connection with the group, with David still assisting with some classes.

While Tim Newth and David McMicken were working on the Palmerston Performance Project, they met Bette Chapman and Lucy Aylett, both who became Grey Panther members. This increased our reach into Palmerston and beyond.

Program Leaders

Sarah Calver and David McMicken


Kath Baldwin, Kay Brown, Adie Bruce, Delicia Cooke, Jo Davis, Audrey Gorring, Kathleen Harding, Glad Morris, Greta Quong, Hanna Stamm, Audrey Svara, Mavis Waddell, Bette Chapman and Lucy Aylett

Tracks Dance 1998

Co-Artistic Directors: Sarah Calver, David McMicken, Tim Newth
Administrator: Liann Stevenson, Joelene Paterson, Bong Ramillo

[under Ausdance NT]


“The Grey Panthers dance group are the Territory’s most entertaining, effervescent and enterprising Senior Citizens. They dance, they sing, and these wonderful women challenge us all to live life to the fullest.” The Suburban Newspaper.

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