Judy McKerr

I have always wanted to dance ever since I can remember. It must have been the movies that I saw back when I was younger and the musicals as I love to sing also. I did go to dancing school and learnt a little of ballet, and also ballroom dancing.

I just love being a Grey Panther. It has brought me out of my shell and I have made a lot of friends it keeps me fit and I love to perform. My Doctor looks at me and says that if it keeps you healthy and you like doing it then keep it up until you can’t do it any more, which is my intention.

"Dancing has turned around my life, it has brought me out of my shell. That's why I want to give back. I think the community get quite a kick out of the Grey Panthers as some believe that there is nothing in life after 60 but then they see us perform and they cheer us on and say well done lets see more of it."

Tracks works Judy has been involved in:

2006 joined the Grey Panthers
2016 Fresh Tracks Fringe
2013 Future Age
2008 Lipstick and Ochre
2006 A Bowls Club Wedding

Various one off Dance in Cool Spaces performances