Putu Desak Wati

Putu Desak Wati was born into an extended artistic family in Pengosekan Village, Ubud, Bali. She has kept contact with Tracks since she arrived in Darwin in 1991. She has been seminal in our understanding of Balinese traditional dance. In Allure of Paradise, Putu explored her Balinese style against a contemporary dance style with choreographer Joanna Noonan. Putu led Tracks' Co-Artistic Directors Tim and David through a research trip in her home town of Ubud, informing the Festival show Zombies in the Banyan Tree, a fusion of Balinese and various western dance practices. She has added to our performances such as Hidden Meaning and was a key leader in the Cultural Mapping Project. Putu is the Director of the Balinese dance troupe Tunas Mekar Balinese Collective, established in 1993.

"I am so proud to extend this knowledge to the audience, particularly Darwin audiences because we are multicultural.”

Tracks works Putu has been involved in:

1991 Guest Teacher
1994 Open House 
1995 Open House 2
2010 Allure of Paradise
2012 Ubud Research Trip – Bali, Indonesia
2013 Cultural Mapping Project
2013 Zombies in the Banyan Tree
2015 Hidden Meaning
2016 Big Dance
2018 In Your Blood