Seating Reserve 2004


Gasworks Theatre, Melbourne

Tim Newth creates a work for Victoria Collage of the Arts dance students performed within the seating bank of the Gas Works Theatre, Melbourne.Tim’s work is with 13 final year dance students and created and performed within the seating bank.
Victorian College of the Arts second and third-year students perform works by choreographers Neil Adams, Brett Daffy, Helen Herbertson, Tim Newth and Beth Shelton in the next season of Dancescape, Feat of Flying.

Director’s Notes - Tim Newth

As I was flying from Darwin to make this work, I was considering what I could offer the students over the next three weeks. Tracks Inc, the company that I co-artistically direct, predominantly collaborates with dancers and communities to create new Australian dance in non-theatre settings.
With the dancers, we firstly shared life stories. From the stories we created movement. We played with the idea of utilising an audience within the movement and also placing the movement within particular spaces. Both added additional life to the movement created. After a week of play, we let go of the idea of creating a work in relationship to an audience that would share the same space as the dancers. Finding an audience each day to experiment with became a difficulty. We explored working outside the theatre. However the weather provided a challenge. Eventually we decided to confine the work to the seating bank. The work has become a play with this space combined with the idea of communicating stories.

Creative Personnel

Director: Tim Newth
Assist to Director: Jessica Devereux & members of cast
Choreography and stories: Cast
Music: Apex Twin, Evelyn Glennie, & Mouse on Mars
Lighting Design: Jared Lewis & Tristan Bourke


Merinda Bermingham, Fiona Bryant, Jessica Devereux, Louise Devlin, Anthea Doropoulos, Mira Hassan, Jacqueline Ison, Danielle Jansen, Rebecca Magazzu, Amrei Model, Nikketa Palmer, Susan Van Den Ham, Andrew Watson.




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