When Shall We Three Meet Again?

When Shall We Three Meet Again? Is a strategic initiative curated by Browns Mart, Tracks Dance and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts to discover where we have come from, where we are at and where we want to go. The initial planning session’s have taken place this year between Tracks [Tim Newth & David McMicken] Brown’s Mart [Sean Pardy] Corrugated Iron [Jane Tonkin] and Facilitator - Gillian Harrison. In 2018 artists and arts workers who have worked with the organizations with be invited to participate.

The project was funded as part of Arts NT Strategic Arts Grants with the purpose of ‘Positioning ourselves for the next twenty years as strong and sustainable leaders in the arts and cultural sector’. This initiative is guided by a commitment to share knowledge, break down thinking silos, identify challenges and problems, and forming appropriate and creative solutions.

Together Jane, Sean, David and Tim will:

  • Reflect on shared history

  • Recognise shared people, projects, resources as well as values and vision

  • Look ahead with a view to sustainability both for the organisations [how we work together] and the sector: examine our role in the broader sector.

  • Consult with micro groups/collaborators/genres through a series of Labs followed by reflection process
  • Collect all of this to inform a future strategy that strengthens the organisations, our collaborations/intersections, and our sector investment.